How to Clean Colonial or French Windows Riverland S.A

If you have ever tried to clean Colonial or French Windows you realise just how frustrating it can be .

If you decide to clean the outside of these types of Windows you may try traditional methods such as washing each window square and then squeegeeing the window clean and then detailing the edges.

This can be a time consuming and hard task .

But as a professional window cleaning service in the Riverland S.A we can now offer you a Colonial window cleaning technique that saves so much time and heartache.

We can clean these hard windows using our purified water system and waterfed pole and brush. We are able to gently scrub all the frames and metal or painted window strips as well as the window leaving them clean and spot free.

Watch the video below of how we can do this for you on our YouTube Channel .

We cannot use this system in the inside of these Colonial or French windows but can clean them using the traditional method as you can see in the other video below .

Feel free to contact Craig or Beate Crisp on 0429845156 for your next tough window Cleaning task .


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