Renmark Carpet Cleaning .

Have you wondered who you can call to be able to clean your carpets in Renmark S.A ?

Craig’s Cleaning Service are Local Carpet Cleaners serving Renmark S.A for many years .

We have been in the cleaning industry for 40 years and are a husband and wife team .

We are your Affordable Carpet Cleaning Service in the Riverland S.A.

We will always give your carpets a good vacuum before cleaning them.

This helps to remove the dirt and grit that wears your carpet down and gives it a dull look.


Here are are some examples of what we can achieve for you with our professional local carpet cleaning service today .

We are Your Affordable Carpet Cleaning Service in the Riverland.


Riverland Carpet Stain Removal.
Stains are an eyesore on your carpet and very embarrassing. Let your Riverland Stain Removal Specialists take care of it.

Call your Local Carpet Cleaning Team , Craig or Beate Crisp today on 0429845156 or why not message for your free no obligation quote. 😊😊

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