Environmentally Friendly

Our Riverland Carpet and Window Cleaning Service also helps you to keep doing your part to contribute to a greener future for South Australia.

Phone Craig or Beate Crisp today on 0429845156 for your free estimate.

We clean your high windows using only purified water no chemicals or detergent used .

Carpet Cleaning Riverland

Our unique low moisture carpet cleaning method uses very little water thus conserving a precious resource in the Riverland ,the Murray River.
Your carpets will be dry very quickly thus minimizing mildew or mold growth.
The encapsulation shampoo used dries to a brittle crystal which is easily vacuumed from your carpet.

The cleaning agent we use on your carpets is kind to you and the environment.

The cleaning agent we use is green and has a perfume that is low irritant for those who have allergies or chemical sensitivity.
There is no wastewater to contaminate the environment.
Your carpets will be walk on dry after cleaning thus eliminating slips or falls which can happen if you walk from an overly wet carpet onto tiles or vinyl.

Riverland Carpet Cleaning

No petrol driven carpet cleaning machine that adds to Greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.
No Noise pollution from loud carpet cleaning machinery.

Many people in the Riverland have Solar Power .

Our machinery is electrical thus utilising this new Solar Power technology .

We can Clean your house with 12-16 litres of Water, whereas our competitors will use up to 200 litres of water to clean it.
We have reduced our environmental footprint by saving energy usage by turning our computers off and not leaving them on standby.

Our upholstery cleaning system also uses very minimal water.

Many people just do not realize how much energy they use by leaving electrical appliances in their office on or on standby. We do our best to make sure all electrical appliances are turned off in our office while not in use.

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Craig’s Cleaning Service

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