How to Remove Spots and Spills on Your Carpet .

Have you ever spilt wine or soft drink or sent your coffee flying onto your carpet ?

Carpet Cleaning Riverland South Australia.

The first reaction is to panic and try to use an internet remedy you found on Google.

You may also grab the nearest towel or cloth and start rubbing Madly .

This can push the spill further into the carpet and distort the carpet fibre . Oh no! 😊😊

The best thing to do is to try to absorb as much as possible of the spill by using a white towel or strong white paper towel.

You can then sponge the remaining spill up with some water in a small bucket . Make sure you change the water regularly as it gets dirty . Be careful not to over saturate the carpet . Just absorb it using a dampened sponge .

Please do not use any supermarket spot cleaners as they often contain bleach or lots of shampoo that leaves a residue in your carpet .

That can cause bleach spots or the spot will get darker as dirt is attracted to the shampoo left behind .

If all else fails then give your local Riverland Carpet Cleaners Craig and Beate Crisp of Craig’s Cleaning Service a Call today .

We will be happy to give you an estimate.

Or message through some photos of any carpet areas you would like cleaned to our business mobile .

Let us know where you live as there may be a small travel cost included .

Craig and Beate Crisp of Craig’s Cleaning Service , Your local friendly carpet cleaners.

We have been your local carpet cleaning service for some 18 years in the Riverland. Below are some photos of what we can achieve.

Carpet Cleaning at The Loxton North Football Club .
Carpet Cleaning at One of our Local Op Shops .
Stains are an eyesore on your carpet and very embarrassing. Let your Riverland Stain Removal Specialists take care of it.

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