We are still operating as an essential service !

The Corona Virus Crisis has affected many business people in the Riverland South Australia.

Some have lost their jobs and are finding it very hard to make ends meet.

Our Cleaning Business has found in the last few weeks that things have slowed but this virus has bought Cleaning to the Forefront Of People’s Minds.

Craig and Beate Crisp.

We are able to help keep your homes and businesses clean and healthy .

We offer Professional Carpet Cleaning,

Window Cleaning,

Tile and Grout Cleaning,

Upholstery Cleaning

and Solar Panel Cleaning Services

to the Riverland South Australia.

Phone or SMS Craig or Beate Crisp today .

Phone : tel:0429845156

We will practice good hygiene washing our hands regularly. We use hand sanitizer in between jobs .

If you prefer not to be home that is fine. We can also email you the account after cleaning with our Bank Details if you wish.

A couple of things we have learnt from years in the Cleaning Industry are as follows:

To help keep your household safe More is needed than simply spraying disinfectant around .

To allow your disinfectant to do its job your hard surfaces , door handles, light switches etc need a thorough wipe down with a detergent solution and a good microfibre cloth . This will lift built up grime from the surfaces .

Then after allowing the hard surfaces eg Kitchen Benchtops etc to dry you can then apply your disinfectant to the Cleaned surfaces .

This will then allow the disinfectant to do its job and work as it should without being stopped by the build up of grime and fatty deposits .

Wiping Down Surfaces With a Detergent Solution

Remember though that disinfectant does not in itself kill the virus but will help to provide a barrier.

Again thorough hygiene with washing your hands regularly with soap and water helps a lot.

Washing Hands Regularly

Practicing Social Distancing is also important with any coughs or sneezing done into your arm or tissues.

This will help stop the the spread of droplets to another person.

If you do become unwell then please stay home ! Also seek medical help .

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