Why Are The Stains and Spots on My Carpet Coming Back ?

This can be frustrating especially after you have just Spot Cleaned your Carpets Recently.

The reason this can happen is because many home made spot cleaners or supermarket carpet spot removers leave a residue that stays in your carpet.

Then soil and tracked in dirt reattaches to the Cleaned area and becomes darker and darker .

Carpet Spot and Stain Removal Riverland.

Then you become even more frustrated and try to remove the spot or stain again with the same spot Cleaner . Then the spot grows bigger again grrrrr.

Craig and Beate Crisp Of Craig’s Cleaning Service.

We recommend as Carpet Cleaners that you use about 10 ml to 20 ml of clear dishwashing detergent in a 500 ml spray bottle and fill the rest with water.

Then when you spill something on your carpet blot up as much of the spill with paper towel or other absorbent towelling very carefully First of All.

Carpet Stain Removal Riverland

Then lightly spray the detergent solution on to the remaining spot and keep slowly blotting it up with a sponge or absorbent towel.

I hope that is helpful.

If all else fails feel free to give Us A Call on 0429845156 to help you with our professional carpet cleaning service.

Your Friendly Carpet Cleaning Service.

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