How To Clean Two Story Windows Safely

Cleaning Your Two Story Windows can be a daunting prospect .

You probably hate climbing extension ladders or trying to balance your self from the inside to Clean those hard windows .

Your Riverland Window Cleaning Team , Craig and Beate Crisp of Craig’s Cleaning Service have just the right tools to do the job safely for you.

Craig and Beate Crisp, Craig’s Cleaning Service.
Craig and Beate Crisp

We have invested in a waterfed extension pole and purified water system to reach those high or unsafe windows for you .

Watch the video below of how we were able to clean some Two Story Windows recently for Loxton Courthouse Apartments .

We were also able to clean some awkward windows above the air conditioning units too.

Feel free to contact Craig or Beate Crisp for your next window cleaning challenge on 0429845156.

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