How to Clean Windows Without Streaks and Smudges?

Phone 0429 845156.

There are many So called Streak Free Window Cleaning  agents you can buy on the supermarket shelves today.
But as you know they do not perform as expected and leave you feeling frustrated with the resulting streaks and smudges.




To really get a crystal clear finish on your windows often it is best to use a household dish detergent in water and to squeegee your windows clean.
But even then if you have not practiced your teqnique it can still result in frustrating streaks left on your glass.
So in that case sometimes it is best to take the plunge and call in a professional window cleaning service from the Riverland South Australia.

Craig and Beate Crisp of Craig’s Cleaning Service , Loxton in the Riverland South Australia have been providing just such a service for over 23 years.

Watch the videos below of us in action to see how we can get your window clean and Streak free in no time.

Then give us a call or message us on 0429845156.

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