How Can I Clean the fingerprints off of my glass doors ?

This can be a challenging and thankless task because your children and pets are constantly touching or smudging their fingers and noses on the glass.

Your Riverland professional window cleaning service can help a great deal.

So what do you do ?

If you can get to them early using a spray bottle with a dash of metho and rainwater and a good microfibre cloth or white nappy And wipe them off as they happen you may have some success.

But if the grime and finger or nose prints have been there a long time you may just end up with spreading the dirt around and more smudgy glass.

So Sometimes it is best to get your local professional window cleaners to have a go.

Watch the video and see what we as your local Riverland Professional Window Cleaners can do .

Then give Craig or Beate Crisp of Craig’s Cleaning Service a Call on 0429 845156.

Let us take the stress away.

Your Riverland Window Cleaning Team.

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