How can I remove pet hair from my carpet?

Removing pet hair from your carpet can be very time consuming and frustrating.

But we would not be without our pets , they give us unconditional love.

If you want a quick removal method before your guests arrive then put on some rubber kitchen gloves and slightly wet the palms .

Then rub the gloves over the pet hair on the carpet gently .

You may be surprised at how much the pet hair bunches up under the gloves .

This is great on upholstery too.

Pick up the pet hair by hand and place in a rubbish bag or bin.

For larger areas of carpet using a quality upright vacuum cleaner with a spinning brush head or beater is a good way of removing human or pet hair.

Or you can also use a turbo-head  brush and a canister vacuum.

I hope that is helpful .  😀😀😀😀

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