Wood Floor Cleaning and Sealing Riverland

We can clean and reseal your wood floors.
Are your Wood Floors looking dull and lifeless.
Let us come and clean them for you using our dustless process.
Some floors will not respond to this process if they have been left for many years or are severely scratched.
But your wood floors need good maintenance so let us maintain them for you.
Many people think that you have to their wood floors resanded and varnished which causes dust to settle every where even with a sander that has a vacuum.
But this is not true you can have them maintained regularly by Beate and I .

We can do this yearly or every six months so that your wood floors will get years and years of life.
With our wood floor cleaning process using the machine in the last photo below we an have your wood floor back in use by tea time if you have them cleaned and sealed in the morning.
No waiting a week or more before you can have your life back.

No dust flying every where.
The process we use is done with very little water thus not damaging your wood floor.
We have many years of experience cleaning and resealing all kinds of floors including the newer vinyl strip flooring used in many homes these days.

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