Cellulose Browning of Carpet

Cellulose Browning only occurs when the jute backing of your Carpet has been overwet .

This then causes bleeding of lignin cellulose to the tips of the carpet yarns.

This upward flow of moisture on the fibre surface during drying is referred to as wicking.

For this to occur the Carpet has been overwet or taken too long to dry.

Correction of Cellulosic browning can be achieved by using several cleaning agents.

Browning only occurs when carpet has been over wet by amateur carpet cleaning firms.

We use a dry carpet cleaning system allowing your carpets to dry quickly.

No overwetting thus causing browning of your carpet.

Call Craig’s Cleaning Service in Loxton South Australia on 0429845156.

Or check out our Home Page .

Our Home Page.

Craig’s Cleaning Service

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