Naturally THE TYPE OF STAIN plays a very important part in a stain removal procedure. For a successful stain removal procedure to take place it is quite important to identify the nature of the stain. There are many stains of unknown origin so sight, touch and smell can play a huge part in identifying a stain. However many leave a stain on a carpet for weeks, months and in some cases years before they call a carpet cleaner. It is always best to call a Carpet Cleaner as soon as possible after a spillage so the spot or stain does not have as much time to absorb into the carpet fibre. However many try to attempt to clean the spot or stain away with supermarket spot cleaners, which leave huge residues behind in the carpet which attracts soil and can leave a larger spot or stain to try and clean away! Some supermarket spot and stain removers contain bleach which can leave whitish areas on the carpet, removing dye from the carpet which can only be corrected by recolouring the bleached area.

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