Sad Day

Both Beate and I feel very sad as we had to have our 17 year old jack russell put to sleep today. About 8 months ago he had kidney failure but he survived and we were able to put him on a kidney diet using KD dog food from our local vet. It gave him a real spark for quite a while but in the last few days he had lost that zest and was going off his food again. So we made the decision to have him put down rather than see him suffer. This was so hard and we have both been crying most of the day. We both feel emotionally drained now and know with time we will feel better. But it is like losing a child to us as we chose not to have children and little Boofy was like our child. Anyway we will now have to spend more time with our other dog Tara a Staffy Cross Kelpie Cross Bull Terrier who is 9 years old and still full of beans. She loves to chase the ball and is obsessed with it.

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