Various Forms of Stains.

There are various forms of Stains that can cause problems on your carpets .

Superficial stain, where the staining material is present on the fibre or in between the fibres. Examples of surface stains are: grease, glue, gum,wax etc.
Penetration of the fibre has taken place and the staining material is in the fibre.Examples of absorbent stains are: tea, coffee, urine etc.
The staining material is present on the fibre and in the fibre. Examples of compound stains are: lipstick,paint,honey.
Occur as a result of the spillage of dyes onto the carpet fibre.The staining material adds colour to the original colour of the carpet. Examples are cordials, soft drinks or anything containing dye additives.
The staining material has altered the nature of the fibre and has caused it physical damage. Examples are: strong acids as in toilet bowl cleaners, household bleaches etc.

Some of these stains can be permanent .

But in some cases they can be removed or lightened by Professional Carpet Cleaning.

We may be able to help if you call us earlier before the Stains are set on your carpets.

Call Craig or Beate Crisp Of Craig’s Cleaning Service on 0429845156 your Riverland Carpet Cleaning Team.

Riverland Carpet Stain Removal.Carpet Cleaning Riverland

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