Solar Panel Cleaning

Your Local Riverland Solar Cleaners
Craig and Beate Crisp

Beate and I are also your Riverland Solar Panel Cleaning Service.

Phone Craig or Beate Crisp today for your free estimate.

Here is a couple of examples of how we can clean your Solar Panels and save you money on your power bills.

Below is an example of how you see an increase in output once your Solar Panels Are Cleaned .

This was soon after Cleaning. The output was continuing to climb.


A clean Solar Panel captures more sunlight and works more efficiently .

So yes in the long run you save.

Why allow profit to go into the Power Company’s Pocket.

Phone Craig or Beate today .

Play the videos. below to see our Cleaning of some of our customers Solar Panels in action.

Solar Panel Cleaner Near Loxton
Solar Panel Cleaning In Loxton


Below are some Reviews of our Service on Facebook.


You can also Phone or private message us on the number below.

Or if you prefer Contact us using the contact form below.

Go on I don’t bite.

96 Drabsch St,
Loxton, S.A 53333

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