Will Cleaning My Solar Panels Regularly Make A Difference To My Power Bill ?

Some people have been told by well meaning friends and sometimes installers that Cleaning their Solar Panels does not make a difference.

Craig’s Cleaning Service , Loxton

This is not true . Your Solar Panels will become covered in dust, soot, road grime, diesel soot if you are close to a road, bird poo, bee poo, pollen and insecticide residue if Near vineyards or fruit blocks .

This builds up over time on your panels and acts much like a shady tree blocking the sunlight which your panels cannot convert into useful energy or power.

Your panels are not self cleaning just as your windows are not self cleaning.

Even if your panels are mounted on an angle on your roof the rain will only wash off minimal grime .

The dust etc is then baked on by the sun on your panels which can only be removed by professional cleaning .

Call Craig’s Cleaning Service Today for your free estimate on 0429845156.

Solar Panel Cleaning In Paruna Riverland South Australia.
Before Cleaning.
During Cleaning.
After Cleaning

You will notice a difference in the output of your Solar Panels when they have been cleaned.

Even a 10 percent difference adds up and you will save on your next power bill.

So regular cleaning of your Solar Panels is part of maintaining them at peak efficiency.

Call or text message your local Solar Panel Cleaning Service in the Riverland today on 0429845156 for a free estimate.

Let Craig and Beate Crisp Of Craig’s Cleaning Service know how many panels you have and we will provide your free estimate.

Craig and Beate Crisp.

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