Does Having My Solar Panels Cleaned Make a Real Difference?

Yes it does make a difference.

To see what difference it can make , a friend of mine took the photo below of his solar Panel that is mounted on his River Boat here in the Riverland.

In the first picture you see the output of the Solar Panel and in the second you see a clear increase in output once the Panel was cleaned .

Solar Panel Cleaning Near Berri

Solar Power.

Why not use the sun’s energy to produce power .

In South Australia we have a lot of sunny days and the Riverland is no exception.

That is why my friend installed this small solar panel on his Riverboat .

Many in the Riverland have taken the initiative and installed a Solar Panel System on their house or Shed roofs to do their part in the solar power industry

So clearly having your Solar Panel’s Cleaned does make a difference and saves you money .

We only use purified water and no chemicals in cleaning your Solar Panels .

Contact us today for a free estimate.

Watch the following videos of how we clean your Solar Panels in the Riverland South Australia.

Solar Panel Cleaning Loxton South Australia.

Solar Panel Cleaning Riverland South Australia.

Craig and Beate Crisp are your Riverland Solar Panel Cleaning Team.

Your Riverland Solar Panel Cleaning Team.

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