How Can I Clean My Solar Panels Safely ?

Solar Panels are a huge investment and need maintenance to keep them working at maximum efficiency.

Part of the maintenance that is needed on a regular basis is to have your Solar Panels Cleaned.

But you may feel that it is not necessary because of the angle your Solar Panels are set at and that they will self clean when it rains.

This is not true and over time a dirty film will build up and cause your Solar Panels to decrease in their output.

You do need to have your Solar Panels Cleaned regularly to get them to work at maximum output.

We are able to do that for you with our Riverland professional Solar Panel Cleaning Service.

We use a waterfed extension pole and purified water and brush to gently and effectively clean them for you.

Watch the videos below to see how we do this .

Feel free to contact us on 0429845156 for your free estimate.

Solar Panel Cleaning In Berri

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