Riverland Solar Cleaning


Do You need your Solar Panels Cleaned? Call Now on 0429845156.

Craig’s Cleaning Service of Loxton are your Riverland Solar Cleaning Specialists.

Why Should you have your Solar Panels Cleaned regularly?

Well dust and dirt on your Solar Panels acts much like the shade of a tree over yourpanels .

It inhibits your Panels from performing at maximum output and they will not covert the energy from the sun into power properly.

So to get your Solar Panels working at maximum output the dust and build up of dirt needs to be removed and cleaned off.

As your Riverland Solar Panel Cleaning Contractors,We can do that for you with our waterfed extension pole and portable water purifier System.

Only pure water is used in our cleaning process, no detergents or chemicals!

Call Craig or Beate Crisp of Craig’s Cleaning Service

Today for Your Next Solar Clean on 0429845156.

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Cleaning Solar Panels
Loxton Solar Panel Cleaner
Cleaning Solar Panels In Loxton S.A

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