Why do I need to clean my Solar Panels regularly in the Riverland ?

This is a common question as many feel that Solar Panels are self Cleaning or that the rain will wash them off.

Unfortunately this is not true . Your Solar Panels will get a build up of dirt and grime and bird poo over time.

The rain will not remove this build up which then inhibits  your Solar Panels from capturing the sunlight effectively.

So a regular clean of your Solar Panels is essential for them to work more efficiently and thus save you money on your power bills .

We suggest you have them cleaned at least once a year but if you live near a dusty area or fruit block where the weed spray or other chemical sprays are used regularly then twice a year would be good .

Beate and I can help with our Riverland Solar Panel Cleaning Service .

Watch the videos below of how we can do it for you with our waterfed extension pole. We purify the water and pump it to a special cleaning brush and scrub your Solar Panels Clean.

No chemicals are used at all only pure water which has great cleaning power.







Give Craig or Beate Crisp a Call on 0429845156 for your free Solar Panel Cleaning estimate .

Or Reach Out to us by using the Contact Form Below for a free estimate .



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