Why Clean Solar Panels ?


This is a common question as many feel that Solar Panels are self Cleaning or that the rain will wash them off.

Unfortunately this is not true .

Your Solar Panels will get a build up of dirt and grime and bird poo over time.

The rain will not remove this build up .

This then inhibits  your Solar Panels from capturing the sunlight effectively.

So a regular clean of your Solar Panels in Renmark is essential for them to work more efficiently .

Thus you will save you money on your power bills in Renmark.

We suggest you have them cleaned at least once a year .

But please remember if you live near a dusty area or fruit block where the weed spray or other chemical sprays are used regularly then twice a year would be good .

Beate and I can help with our Riverland Solar Panel Cleaning Service .

Watch the videos below of how we can do it for you with our waterfed extension pole. We purify the water and pump it to a special cleaning brush and scrub your Solar Panels Clean.

No chemicals are used at all only pure water which has great cleaning power.

Give Craig or Beate Crisp a Call on 0429845156 for your free Solar Panel Cleaning estimate .

Or Reach Out to us by using the Contact Form Below for a free estimate .




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