Do I need to have my Solar Panels Cleaned Regularly?



Many beleive that their Solar Panels are self Cleaning or that the rain will just wash them off for them.



But in reality this is not the case.

They do get a film of dirt and dust that builds up over time .

This affects the efficiency of your Solar Panels in producing their proper output.

But you just do not have the time to clean them yourself or you just don’t want to climb on the roof .

We can help . We are Your Riverland Solar Panel Cleaners .

As you will see in the photos below we can clean them for you using rainwater that we pump up to a special cleaning head on our waterfed pole.

Your Solar Panels are gently scrubbed and washed off with rainwater.

We are your Riverland Solar Panel Cleaning Service.

Their are no chemicals used at all in our Cleaning of your Solar Panels .















Call Craig or Beate Crisp of Craig’s Cleaning Service on 0429 845156 for your next Solar Panel Clean and Save on Your Next Power Bill.

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