Solar Panel Cleaning In the Riverland S.A

Solar Panels are a great investment for many people in the Riverland area .


This is because we have as much Sunshine here as the Gold Coast.

So many are taking the opportunity to decrease their reliance on Coal Powered Electricity .

But for your Solar Panels to run at their maximum output and save you money on your ever increasing electricity bill you need to have them cleaned regularly .

But how can you do it safely ?

That is how we can help you ! We have the latest technology to clean them safely for you in many cases from the ground.

Private message some photos of your Solar Panels to our Mobile for your free estimate.

Our mobile number is 0429845156.

Craig and Beate are your local solar panel cleaning professionals based in Loxton.

Or you can private message some photos to our Facebook page for your free estimate in the link below.

Our Facebook Page.

Watch the video below of how we can clean your Solar Panels for you safely.




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