Solar Panel Cleaning in the Riverland.

Why is it important to consider getting your Solar Panels cleaned regularly ?

Well consider this they are a big investment and if they are cleaned and maintained  regularly they will work more efficiently and produce more power, saving you money.

Dust, Bird poo, Pollen and Spray drift from the fruit blocks or vineyards around the Riverland area settle on the panels and builds up over time.

This affects the output of your Solar Panels and inhibits their efficiency.

Now I know you are thinking well I can just get my ladder out climb on the roof and scrub them myself with a broom and squirt them off.

Why though would you risk falling or slipping off your roof just to save a few extra dollars when you can have them professionally cleaned as in the photo below ,in many cases from the ground .



 Solar Panel Cleaning in Loxton S.A
We are able to professionally clean your Solar Panels and 2 story windows in the Riverland using our new extension pole and pump rain water up to the cleaning head .

The microfibre cleaning head helps to agitate the bird poo and grime up and off the Solar Panels and is gently rinsed off using your rainwater .

There is no chemicals used in our cleaning process which can run off into your tank.

Call Craig or Beate Crisp or private message us for your next clean on 0429 845156.

As we work on an hourly rate if you can private message some photos of the panels you want cleaned it helps us a great deal in giving you a close estimate.

Alternatively you can private message some photos to our Facebook page below for a close estimate.

Our Facebook page.


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