How Can I  Clean My Solar Panels With No Chemicals ?

Have you been trying to clean your Solar Panels yourself because you are concerned that businesses marketing these services use chemicals that could end up in your rainwater tank ?

You no longer need to worry we are now offering a riverland solar panel cleaning service using the purest form of water  rainwater.

We recently purchased the latest technology in a waterfed pole that we can use to clean your solar panels in many cases from the ground very safely.

We can use your rainwater which we pump up to a microfibre cleaning tool on the end of the pole.

As you may be aware microfibre in many situations can be effectively used to clean surfaces with agitation and just water.

Your Solar Panels need cleaning regularly to be able to produce electricity more effectively.

So feel free to call us on 85845156 or 0429845156 for an estimate.

Or feel free to message us on our Facebook page below.

Our Facebook Page.

Solar Panel Cleaning Riverland Before Clesning

After Solar Clesning Riverland

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